Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Erase Bad Credit: Easier To Do Yourself Than You Think

By Blake C. Hendrickson

With credit being as important as it is these days figuring out how to erase bad credit is on the minds of many consumers. Most figure or are told that the help of a financial professional is needed to bring your credit back to good standing. While a professional's assistance can be helpful it is quite simple to get rid of a lot of bad credit issues affecting you on your own.

The first thing that someone looking to erase bad credit on his or her own should do is get a copy of his or her credit report. There is bad information contained on many consumers credit files so it is best to make sure that you ask the credit agencies to erase anything the does not belong there.

Contacting a credit agency for the purpose of erasing bad credit information can be done in several ways. You can call the credit agency and a representative can point you in the right direct in order to erase the credit problems that are bothering you. You can also erase bad information on your credit report by mail by sending a certified letter to the credit agency that has incorrect information concerning your credit. Credit information can also be disputed online if you wish.

After the credit agency has investigated the bad credit information dispute that you submitted to them they need to send you an updated copy of your credit report. If you find that you are not in agreement with the outcome of an investigation you are able to a consumer statement no more then one hundred words long.

Before you begin the process of repairing your credit all consumers should be advised that reading up on self-credit repair is very important. Being well informed on the do’s and the don’ts of fixing your credit on your own will help making learning to erase bad credit on your own a much more simple process.

Do it yourself credit repair has become very popular with consumers. The Asani Wells financial group is dedicated to helping ordinary people erase bad credit. Having good credit is important in today's world and we can help. http://www.1800aaacredit.com

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